Donate 'n' Download

The MuCol-System is built around central script called MC_CollabControl.lua. Its version is relevant in order to find out, if you are using the latest version. The version is shown in the title bar of the confirmation messages.

The current version is: 1.2.1

There are separate installation packages for Windows and MacOS containing all the MuCol-components. Please download the package that suits your system by clicking on the respective button below:

When the installation package has been downloaded, it must be extracted (Windows-version only) and executed. All the necessary components are copied to the respective directories of the Reaper-installation, i.e. Reaper must be installed first. For the yet necessary manual configuration steps with regards to the MuCol-components, please refer to the respective video.

Hint: The Windows-version of the package is a ZIP-file - depending on the sucurity settings in your browser, the download might need a separate confirmation.

Important: No liability can be accepted for data loss or any other damage to your computer system by the owner/developper of the MuCol-components - downloading and using the scripts are at your own risk.

There has several months of conception and developent gone into this solution - if you like and use it, please donate with the help of the below button which directs you to PayPal: